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    Follow your own mind - OddBlox Blog

    Do not struggle with your holiday gifts!

    We feel like Christmas is around the corner. True fact: it is!!!

    And even this season is all about enjoying, sometimes we struggle when the gift shopping arrives. So in our intent to save you and make your life so much easier, we are going to show you the one present that is for everyone!

    Gift #1: for that indie style cousin who is into music.

    OddBlox offers a style called musical that is perfect for this kind of guy. Every month he’ll receive a t shirt with a cool design based on some music genres or if he likes only one kind you can let them know. One good thing about OddBlox is that any of the suggestions you make they are going to make it happen, how cool is that?

    drums psychedelic all seeing eyes musician musical indie grunge style

    Gift #2: your cool uncle

    We all have this cool uncle whom you enjoy spend time with. He always have amazing stories about his youth, we know he was a crazy boy back then but now we offers his wisdom for the young guys. Perfect tee for him: style retro.

    comic retro job work business man indie style

    Gift #3: your young cousin who’s still a teen

    Tha classic boy who is into skateboard, fortnite, and all that stuff.
    Just give him a subscription of 12 months, he’ll receive cool graphic tees to wear everyday!

    Every style goes with this boy but maybe geometric will really like him.

    retro triangle geometric style colorful

    OK, just to clarify everyone can get a t shirt subscription box. We believe is the easiest and most basic gift for a men during this holiday season. Special request are always taken!

    Important to say that if you get a 3, 6, 12 month subscription and you get a discount.

    Subscribe now so you can have your shirt for Christmas!

    oddblox t shirt subscription box subscribe

    Why a t shirt subscription is the best invest you can make.

    We love quick stuff, and here are some examples to prove this:

    • First of all drive thru, isn’t it awesome to get food as fast as possible without leaving your car? Whoever invented this cheers people!!
    • Second: finding park just outside the door of the market. Quick grocery shopping equals more time to spend at home watching netflix while eating chips. As simple as that.
    • Last but not least prove traffic: we loooove when after work there isn’t a single car on the freeway and you can get home in 10 minutes when you normally do double of that. Pure awesomeness!

    Anyway, my point here is that we like things that are easy, quick and the most important that SIMPLIFY OUR LIVES!

    Now, talking about fashion, don’t you want to make this quick too?

    I do, so here is my recommendation:

    I don’t know if you are familiar with subscription but I found them very interesting. People pay every month certain amount and they can get a product to your doorstep. Is like the drive thru but much better, we don’t even have to leave the house.

    So, my friends here from OddBlox started a cool t shirt subscription service that delivers graphic tees to your doorstep every month, which have made my life so much easier due to the reason that I don’t have to go out and shop.

    I am sure that every month a cool tee is gonna get to my place delivering an awesome design that really will blow my mind.

    Check these ones:

    Those are dope, don't you think?

    So why shouldn’t you give it a try, life is a risk people. Try new things, give opportunities, take a chance, that’s what I did and sometimes I get so freaking impressed!