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    We won’t bore you with the typical story about how the brand was founded or anything like that.
    We will talk with the truth, because that’s exactly what we like.
    The idea of OddBlox started while hanging out with a couple of friends we start a discussion about life and society, turning the chat a lil bit philosophical.
    Once we were so in the topic someone ask:
    Have you ever been scrolling down through instagram and see a picture of a guy wearing extremely ridiculous and expensive clothes?
    And we were like yeah.. All the time.
    So the chat kept going and an idea just poped. Why people follow trends only because someone else is wearing them?
    That’s how our philosophy started. And we are not talking only about a philosophy for a brand, we believe that is an ideal for life.

    We might be wrong about this but, who cares, as long as we feel ourselves!
    Express your style through your actions, thoughts, GARMENTS. Be different and what’s more important FOLLOW YOUR OWN MIND!