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    How do I talk to Customer Service?
    Email daniela@oddblox.com
    Which countries do you ship?
    For me moment we only ship in the US.
    Can I exchange my shirt for a better one?
    We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy, which means a generous 30-day exchange policy. Within the first 30 days of receiving your shirt, you can always exchange your shirt for another one. Email daniela@oddblox.com
    When will my package be shipped out?
    We ship out the second week of every month. You will receive your tracking number for updates.
    Why doesn't my tracking number show anything?
    Your package is probably still in the infant stage. Once it starts moving towards your mailbox, it will be updated accordingly! Enter your tracking number here to receive updates.
    Can I cancel my subscription? Can I skip next month's subscription?
    Any time! You can cancel, skip it or renew it, simply email us at daniela@oddblox.com
    When will I be billed?
    On the 15th of every month.

    Do you have free shipping?
    We do! Do not worry about high costs in shipping.
    How are the shirts selected?
    After you answer the survey we take your preferences and pick out a cool and accurate t shirt for you. We will make our best effort to hit with your style!
    As always, we have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy so you can exchange your shirt if you don't like the design.
    Can I select a design that I saw on your account?
    Of course! We always like to get what we like. If you saw a cool design that goes with your style go for it. Just email us at daniela@oddblox.com and we will delivered that exact t shirt.